Department of Electrical Engineering


The Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical (BEng. Electrical) has been offered by the Engineering Faculty since 1959. In 1974, the Department of Electrical Engineering was established. We are currently ranked the 23rd globally in according to the QS Subject Rankings for 2017 in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are highly competitive, and have attracted the best candidates from Malaysia and abroad. We have a dedicated roster of academic staff, who have obtained their Ph.Ds from top ranked universities and are committed to educating the next generation of electrical engineers for the nation.

The quality of our undergraduate programmes are ensured through accreditation by the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM). We are also signatories of the Washington Accord, which enables our graduates to work in any of the member countries of the Washington Accord.

The Department of Electrical Engineering is well equipped with state of the art facilities for research and teaching. Key research areas include Power Systems, Renewable Energy, Image Processing, Telecommunications, Microelectronics and Industrial Control. Apart from experimental facilities, the Department’s research and teaching is also supported by an extensive suite of engineering software.

We are also supported by the Engineering Library and University Library, which provide the latest references for teaching and learning. The department also has access to the main university computer center facilities, as well as common facilities provided by the faculty such as Workshop, Computer Laboratories and CAD/CAM systems.

We are dedicated to providing a holistic learning experience for our students. There is a strong emphasis on industrial interaction through industrial training, visits and talks in order to expose our students to the real engineering environment. A significant proportion of our academic staff are also Chartered or Professional Engineers, who are involved in industrial consultations and collaborations.

There is also a continuous effort to improve and innovate the engineering education curriculum at the Department. We also boast a strong network with overseas universities, especially through the research activities of our academic staff. We have active exchanges of students, both inbound and outbound, with over 25 different countries.

In short, the aim of the Department of Electrical Engineering is to produce high caliber Electrical Engineering graduates who are independent, innovative and dynamic, and will be able to contribute to Malaysia’s development in high technology sectors. We do so by trying to provide the best learning environment, academic staff, curriculum and facilities to support this vision.


The Department of Electrical Engineering aspires:

  • To produce graduates who are capable of becoming world-class professional engineers, researchers, innovators, consultants and managers.
  • To develop individuals who have the capability to identify, summarise and solve technical problems creatively and innovatively.
Research Interest
  • Satellite Communications
  • Signal and Image Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Power Electronics and Drive
  • Renewable Energy
  • Control System
  • Wireless Communication Systems
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Human-Machine Interface
  • Photonics and Fiber Optic Devices
  • Power system / High Voltage
  • Semiconductor
  • MEMS Design and Fabrication
  • RF and Microwave
  • Electromagnetic / Antenna
Programmes Offered

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Communications)

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Head of Department

T: (603) 7967 5205 / 4456
F: (603) 7967 5316

Last Update: May 09, 2017