1950 The Board of Studies was set up by the University of Malaya, located then in Singapore, recommended the establishment of a Department of Engineering to provide degree courses on the civil side and to provide facilities for students taking Mechanical and Electrical Engineering to take part of their courses at the University before proceeding overseas to complete their degrees.
1954 The Department was set up in the 1954-55 session with the appointment of C.A.M. Gray as the First Professor of Engineering. Teaching began in the 1955-56 session in Singapore, with the intake of Year I students and Year II students(i.e. students who had joined the Faculty of Science in the 1954-55 session with the hope of taking Engineering after completing their first year in science.)
1956 Engineering education, at the tertiary level, began in Malaysia with the establishment of the Engineering Department at University of Malaya's Bukit Timah campus in Singapore. Only a Bachelor degree course in Civil Engineering was offered at that time.
1957 The Department of Engineering was transferred to the Kuala Lumpur campus of the University in July.
1958 The Department of Engineering was upgraded to a Faculty of Engineering when University of Malaya relocated to its campus in Lembah Pantai with Professor C.A.M. Gray as the first elected Dean. In the same year, the second bachelor degree course in Mechanical Engineering was introduced.
1959 Bachelor Degree course in Electrical Engineering was added to the number of courses available to undergraduates.
1970 The Faculty introduced the fourth course, a bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering.
1974 All the four Divisions in the Faculty were upgraded to Departments.
1996 In the 1996/97 session, the Faculty introduced six other courses namely in Telecommunication Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Materials Engineering, Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Engineering and Biomedical Engineering.
2013 The Department of Engineering Design & Manufacturing merged with the Department of Mechanical Engineering