Doctor of Philosophy

The candidates will carry out focused research in their area of specialisation, which is of immediate relevance to local interest. They will be alert to the challenges faced in the international arena through the seminars, conferences and many more.


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MyPhD is one MyBrain15 Program which provides funding studies at the doctorate level to achieve the target of 60,000 PhD holders among Malaysians by 2023.


Last Update: May 06, 2019

How is our engineering postgraduate degree different?

Research is a key activity within the faculty and we encourage large-scale studies and a flexible approach to inter-disciplinary collaborations with other academic institutions and members of industry in order to tackle the wider range of issues facing our society and the natural world.

The Faculty of Engineering has invested heavily in the student experience and places research-led teaching at the core of our programme. We endeavor to fully support our students and researchers in their research activities and encourage them to accomplish their aims - regardless of whether their studies focus on a single academic field, or address wider challenges that are shaped by the emerging needs of industry and society. In many areas, our students are clearly leading the world in their discoveries and developments.

Why pursue postgraduate degree in engineering?

Engineering is not simply an academic field that deals with technology, statistics and science. It is an exciting and rewarding discipline that has a much wider scope, ranging from basic science to applied technology. Engineers make a significant difference in the lives of millions of people. Through identifying problems and seeking new solutions, they create and design items that beneft the lives of everyone, from cars, computers and buildings, through to life-saving equipment, the generation of energy and mecial procedures. Engineering is not about what the world is, it is about what the world can be.