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Session 2017/2018 - Semester 1
Code Programme
KGL Master of Engineering (Biomedical) View
KQB Master of Biomedical Engineering
KGK Master of Engineering (Industrial Electronics & Control) View
KQC Master of Engineering Industrial Electronics & Control
KGJ Master of Engineering (Safety, Health & Environment) View
KQD Master of Safety, Health & Environment Engineering
KGZ Master of Engineering (Mechatronics) View
KQF Master of Mechatronics Engineering
KGC Master of Engineering (Manufacturing) View
KQC Master of Manufacturing Engineering
KGE Master of Engineering (Telecommunication) View
KQH Master of Telecommunication Engineering
KQH Master of Telecommunication Engineering(Weekday) View 
KMA Master of Engineering (Power System) View
KQI Master of Power System Engineering
KMB Master of Engineering (Material) View
KQJ Master of Materials Engineering
KQJ Master of Materials Engineering (Weekday) View
KGY Master of Engineering (Mechanical) View
KQK Master of Mechanical Engineering
KQK Master of Mechanical Engineering (Weekday) View
KXGX6101 Research Methodology (By Research Only) View

Session 2016/2017 - Special Semester
Code Programme  
KXGX 6102 / KXGS 6181 / KQA7001 / KQD7001 / KQE7001 / KQB7001 / KQC7001/ KQF7001 / KQG700/ KQH7001 / KQI7001 Research Project View 
Timeline for research project Sem 1, session 2017/2018 (Updated 19 Sept 2017)
 Code Programme   
Timeline for research project sem 1,
session 2017/2018