Department of Electrical Engineering


Engineering courses was first introduced in Malaysia with the establishment of Bukit Timah Campus at University of Malaya, Singapore in 1956. This department was then moved to Lembah Pantai in Kuala Lumpur in 1958 and the engineering faculty was reestablished on the same year. This department constitutes of professional academicians who are really concern with our country educational mission statement. The Electrical Engineering Department was first established in 1959.

The department is completed with various high technology facilities designed for research and teaching. Parts of the facilities are the laboratories that come with reliable, up-to-date and high-technology equipment, computer usage and the Engineering Library. The department also, has access to the main university computer center facilities, as well as common facilities provided by the faculty such as Workshop, Computers and CAD/CAM systems. The department also has microcomputers for research and teaching.

Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical (BEng. Electrical) has been offered by the Engineering Faculty since 1959. It is on the second year of University of Malaya establishment in Lembah Pantai campus. On 1974, Department of Electrical Engineering was established and since then, the B.Eng. Electrical is managed by the department. This course has obtained its accreditation from Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (Department of Public Service) and Lembaga Jurutera Malaysia (Malaysia Engineers Bodies).

On the year 2007, the department has introduced yet another program called Bachelor of Engineering (Computer). In line with the present rapid technological changes in the world generally, and especially in Malaysia, electrical engineering courses in University of Malaya also aims at producing competent, creative and innovative graduates by developing inner character and attitude, who would continue educating themselves and capable of acquiring knowledge on their own upon leaving the university. Therefore, the department is providing various good facilities as aided tools for research and teaching. These graduates are the people who will help to increase the economic growth of our country with their technological competence and to realise our country mission to be one of the best multimedia country throughout the world.


The Department of Electrical Engineering aspires:

  • To produce graduates who are capable of becoming world-class professional engineers, researchers, innovators, consultants and managers.
  • To develop individuals who have the capability to identify, summarise and solve technical problems creatively and innovatively.
Research Interest
  • Modeling and analysis of islanding operation for distribution network connected with distributed generations.
  • The mechanics of ferroelectric liquid crystals for microactuator applications.
  • Design of low voltage, low power high linearity upconversion mixer for WLAN.
  • Adaptive resource allocation scheme for uplinks in IEEE 802.16m systems.
  • 3D ray tracing: Indoor ray optical propagation and prediction model.
  • Design of a six phase permanent magnet synchronous wind generator using finite element analysis
Programme Offered

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Communications)

Prof. Ir. Dr. Hazlie Mokhlis
Head of Department

T: (603) 7967 5205 / 4456
F: (603) 7967 5316

Last Update: November 12, 2015