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University of Malaya’s Research Ethics Committee (UMREC)

Mar 17, 2022
12.00 AM - 12.00 AM

Assalamualaikum WBT and Salam Sejahtera,

Dear All Postgraduate Students, 

Please refer to the website of University of Malaya’s Research Ethics Committee (UMREC) below for  guidelines and policies pertaining to research involving human participants & etc prior to the beginning of your research work if applicable.

The UMREC examines the ethics components of the research such as, sound methodology, possible risks to the subjects, recruitment of subjects, consent from the subjects, confidentiality or anonymity for the subjects, the way in which the data is handled, and how feedback can be provided for the subjects.

More information is available in the following documents:
1)  Code of Research Ethics
2)  University of Malaya Manual of Responsible  Research

For more information, please click to this link : https://umresearch.um.edu.my/research-ethics/ 

Thank you.

On behalf of : 
Deputy Dean's Office (Postgraduate Studies), 
Faculty of Engineering.