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Safety and Health

Why Safety and Health is important?

It concerns with protecting safety, health and to some extend the welfare of people engaged in work environment.

Does the University of Malaya has a safety policy in place?

The answer is YES! And not just a policy but also a Safety and Health handbook is provided. It means the University is committed to ensure a safe work environment is prevail on campus.

Who is incharge of safety in the Faculty?

The Safety and Health Committee, Faculty of Engineering (JKKP) chaired by The Deputy Dean (Development) and the representatives from all departments

Is there a safety audit done in the Faculty?

The answer is YES! The committee does safety audit once every 6 months and similarly the university does a wide-audit on every 6 months basis

Is safety and health taught in the Degree Programme?

The answer is YES! In some courses such as in Moral and Ethics of Engineering Profession, Law and Engineer, Introduction to Electrical Engineering, Manufacturing Process and many more.

Is it important that we observe safety at workplace?

The answer is YES! As an engineer, it is our responsibility to uphold safety at workplace at all times because this is part of the code of ethics of an Engineer

How is Safety Enforced in our labs in the Faculty of Engineering

The faculty has taken several steps in enforcing safety in all laboratories and workshops as follows:

  • Safety signage are posted in all working areas in the labs and workshops. Students are required to understand the signage before working.
  • Protective items such as mask, gloves, goggles are available in all labs and workshops. Lab technicians and tutors will normally instruct the students to use the necessary protective items when working.
  • Briefing on safety is done prior to the start of experiments either by the tutor or lab technicians.
  • Students are also required to read the Standard Guidelines and sign a declaration sheet to indicate that the student has understood the safety procedures.
  • Policy poster and safety box is available in all labs and workshops.

Safety Inspection Checklist

 ​​​​​​Have you heard of DOSH?

Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) is a Government Agency under the Ministry of Human Resources of Malaysia.

The DOSH is responsible for ensuring the safety, health and welfare of people at work as protecting other people from the safety and health hazards arising from the activities sectors which include Manufacturing, Mining and Quarrying, Construction, Hotels and Restaurant, Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing, Transport, Storage and Communication, Public Services and Statutory Authorities, Utilities - Gas, Electricity, Water and Sanitary Services, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Business Services, Wholesale and Retail Trades.

What is the primary role of DOSH

As a government agency, the DOSH is responsible for administration and enforcement of legislations related to accupational safety and health of the country, with a vision of becoming an organisation which leads the nation in creating a safe and healthy work culture that contributes towards enhancing the quality of working life.

For more information about DOSH, please visit http://www.dosh.gov.my


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