• Faculty of Engineering
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Pushing the boundaries of knowledge, nurturing aspiring leaders and fostering strategic partnership with industries.

A centre of engineering excellence impacting the world.


  • Continue to produce highly competent and skilled individuals with leadership qualities and good interpersonal skills.
  • Contribute to nation-building by producing good citizens who respect universal human values.
  • Have students of diverse backgrounds who respect and internalise diversity.
  • Inculcate of social awareness and obligation values.
  • Develop students to have an international outlook and outreach.
  • Develop students to become highly competent engineers capable of identifying, formulating, and solving problems in a creative and innovative manner.

Academic Programme

  • Ensure academic programmes are relevant, current, innovative and internationally recognized to meet national and global needs.
  • Continuously develop academic programmes that inspire and tap students’ potential.
  • Ensure academic programmes are accredited by local and international engineering professional bodies.
  • Continuously develop programmes that are relevant to industrial requirements.

Last Update: 26/03/2024