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About Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering is one of the first academic departments set up under the Faculty of Engineering. It currently offers two academic programmes at undergraduate level and post graduate research qualifications at Master of Engineering Science and Doctor of Philosophy levels. The department is sub-divided into six major sections within the Department namely, Structural and Materials Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Surveying, Water Engineering, and Construction Management and Mathematics, and is actively engaged in R&D works with financial support from the University, Government and other industrial grants. Many academic members of the Department are also pursuing engineering consultancies requiring expertise in multidisciplinary areas.

The Department currently offers two undergraduate degree programmes, namely Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and Bachelor of Engineering (Environmental).  The Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) programme was introduced in the year 1956 as a 4-year programme under the Term System. The programme was recognised by the Malaysian Public Services Department (JPA) and the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM).

In the 1996/97 academic session, a major change was undertaken in the programme where the Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) programme was offered as a 3-year degree programme under the Semester System (Sistem Pengajian Tiga Tahun, SPTT). In the same academic session, the Bachelor of Engineering (Environmental) programme was introduced as a 3-year degree programme under the Semester System. Both the programmes were accredited by the Board of Engineers Malaysia on the 21 August 2000.

Mission : 

The Department of Civil Engineering aspires:

  • To impart in graduates solid knowledge of engineering fundamentals, principles and applications.
  • To instil in graduates a sense of accountability and responsibility to the environment and society with respect to professional ethics, social conduct and the environment.
  • To equip graduates with the ability to apply critical thinking to identify, formulate and solve civil engineering problems.

Research Interest: 

  • Conceptual design and construction of small underwater vehicle (SUV) for maritime applications and socio-economics activities.
  • Sustainable energy production from palm oil industry wastewater using microbial fuel cell.
  • Petroleum wastewater biological treatment by dispersed growth using CSTR and SBR systems.
  • Preparation of high surface area magnetically separable titanium dioxide with visible light property for environmental application.
  • Application of recharge well system for urban stormwater management.
  • Hazard assessment of buildings due to long distance earthquakes.
  • Development of a pilot distributed surface and subsurface runoff (SSR) simulation model

Programmes Offered

Bachelor of Civil Engineering 
Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Environmental)

Head of Department

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