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Culture and values central to creating deeper partnership

Meet a New WINS Academy Ambassador: Nurul Ilyani Binti Zaharudin

“International coordination is important for strong capacity building in nuclear security.”

Nurul Ilyani Binti Zaharudin, a PhD candidate at University of Malaya, speaks about the importance of a broad and inclusive approach to nuclear security.

Why is international coordination important to improving nuclear security?

Nuclear security is a global concern. A nuclear security incident in one country will affect neighbouring countries and the whole world. International coordination is important for strong capacity building in nuclear security for each and every country worldwide. Only through effective international coordination can we support each other. If an incident occurs, rapid and better responses will be easier. When there is not a crisis, information, resources, best practices and experience can be shared and exchanged, and joint exercises can be held. This will ensure strong nuclear security worldwide, contributing to global peace and security.

You made an excellent point that nuclear security culture is implemented “down to top and top down”. Could you explain?

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Last Update: 06/12/2021