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Executive Summary

Innovative Engineering Solutions and Services (iNESS) is founded with a mission of providing training, seminars, workshops, innovative engineering solutions and services, utilizing the experts, in various engineering disciplines, from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya. The existing and potential clients include those from the government and private sectors throughout Malaysia and international markets (targeting developing countries in the Middle-east and South Asia). With the strategic location and good reputation of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya, iNESS believed that the targeted revenue can be achieved.

The goals for the first THREE (3) years of operation include:

1) To establish a service-based unit under UM Innovation Sdn. Bhd. (UMISB) with core activities in providing training, seminars, workshops and specialized engineering solutions to targeted clients

2) To be an authorized training and certification provider on selected Engineering courses via collaboration with certification provider

3) To achieve RM 200,000.00 annual sales turnover on the first year of operation

4) To increase the number of sales turnovers by 20% per year

To deliver excellent training and innovative engineering solutions to clients locally and internationally, by providing competent experts with localized content, and competitive fee.

To be one of the leading Engineering training and specialized engineering solution provider in Malaysia and in Asia-Pacific region.

iNESS provides the target clients with training programs, seminars, workshops, customized engineering solutions and services covering SEVEN (7) main categories:

1) Latest Trends in Mechanical Engineering (short courses)

2) Advances in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (short courses)

3) Advances in Civil Engineering (short courses)

4) Latest Technology in Biomedical Engineering (short courses)

5) Advances in Chemical Engineering (short courses)

6) Seminars, Symposia and Conferences

7) Specialized Engineering Services

The list of courses and services for each category are listed in Table 1. Please note that the courses and services offered will be subject to change depending on the demands and availability. Newer courses and services will be added in the near future.

1) Public Training and customized services will be conducted at FKUM

2) In-house/on-site training will be conducted in clients preferred location

3) Customized training/workshops - the syllabus is tailored according to the customer needs

4) Seminars, symposia, and conferences will be organized by the selected members of the faculty.

5) Specialized engineering services will be run by a group of Engineering staffs (academics & selected support staffs)

iNESS will focus on the following segments:

1) Companies who contribute to Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF)

2) Students (postgraduates, undergraduates, secondary school pupils) and researchers

3) Engineering and management staffs (managers, engineers, and technicians from government agencies, universities and private sectors.

4) Individuals or organisations that want to learn and utilize the latest engineering technologies and innovations.

5) International markets - government agencies, universities and research institutions from developing countries such as Middle east and South Asia.

The following functions will be assigned to our marketing methods:

1) Establish name recognition

2) Highlight our experts/trainers competency and quality engineering facilities and Equipment

3) Speak our customer’s language and content localization

4) Emphasize on specialised, unique and up-to-date courses

5) Develop attractive and friendly website

6) Employ digital marketing to increase web traffic and visibility through emails and social media

7) Register with government programs for training certification e.g., HRDF and other government procurement opportunities

Last Update: 18/02/2022