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Here at Universiti Malaya we offer world-class facilities that cover a broad range of expertise. We encourage our students to explore subjects that sit outside the conventional constraints of engineering education, as well as those traditionally found in mainstream fields. At the heart of everything we do is the need to empower our students to think creatively and challenge existing practices.

Within our postgraduate programmes, individuals are encouraged to identify and organize issues within a wider research theme. Research plans are drawn up. The faculty supports the students to develop their competence and character required to effectively implement them. The objective is not only to nurture researchers in specialist areas, but also to foster highly competent academics, who are capable of tackling issues across a multitude of fields and occupations in society.

Our History

1950 The Board of Studies was set up by the Universiti Malaya, located then in Singapore, recommended the establishment of a Department of Engineering to provide degree courses on the civil side and to provide facilities for students taking Mechanical and Electrical Engineering to take part of their courses at the University before proceeding overseas to complete their degrees.

1954 The Engineering Department was set up and C.A.M. Gray was appointed as the First Professor of Engineering. Teaching began in the 1955 - 1956 session in Singapore, with the intake of Year I students and Year II students (i.e students who had joined the Faculty of Science in the 1954 - 1955 session with the hope of taking Engineering after completing their first year in science).

Last Update: 14/03/2023