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Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

PEO 1: To produce knowledgeable and skilled graduates in Engineering related research fields
PEO 2: To produce professionals in research careers
PEO 3: To equip graduates with technical expertise and soft skills by integrating research -based learning experiences into the curriculum.

Programme Learning Outcomes (PLO)

Programme Learning Outcomes (PLO)  MQF 2.0 Clusters

PLO1 : Demonstrate a systematic understanding of knowledge by identifying research problems in the related engineering field.     

(Knowledge and understanding)

PLO2 : Apply appropriate research methodology and design.   

CLS 3a
(Practical skills)

PLO3 : Publish knowledge in the conducted research field to the benefit of community, as well as be sensitive to the role and responsibility for the needs of the society.    

 CLS 3c
(Interpersonal and communication)

PLO 4 : Conduct research independently with minimum supervision and adhere to legislation, ethics and professional codes of practice.     

 CLS 5
(Ethics and Professionalism)

PLO 5 : Present research findings orally and scholarly publications in the field of engineering related research.  

 CLS 3d
(Leadership, autonomous and responsible)

PLO 6 : Evaluate research findings using scientific methods and critical thinking skills. 

CLS 3b
(Digital and numerical skills)
(Cognitive skills)

PLO 7 : Engage in information management and continuous learning activities.

 CLS 4
(Personal and entrepreneurial skills)

Programme Duration

Minimum:  2 semester  
Maximum: 8 semester

Mode of study

By research

Last Update: 29/11/2021