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1. Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Mohd Faizul b. Mohd Sabri

i) Design and Simulation of Hybrid Piezo-Pyroelectric energy conversion device.
ii) Optimization and prediction of materials properties and performance using statistical data analysis approach

2. Prof Dr. A.S. Md Abdul Haseeb

i) Mechanical performance of advanced multicomponent solder alloy for electronic packages
ii) In-situ study of electrochemical migration of tin in presence of contaminants
iii) Effects of temperature in electrochemical migration of tin
iv) Polyurethane foam scaffold mechanical characterization for biomedical application
v) Ammonia chemiresistive sensors based on three-dimensional graphene and polyaniline nanocomposite

3. Dr. Goh Yin Xin

i) Parametric studies on lap-shear joints geometry design for Sn-Bi solder alloys
ii) Effects of strain rate on Sn-Bi/Cu lap-shear solder joints
iii) Simulation of thermal cycling on Sn-Bi/Cu solder joints
iv) Materials selection and design analysis of QFN packages for enhanced board level solder joint reliability
v) Geometry design analysis of QFN packages for enhanced board level solder joint reliability

4. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hendrick Simon Cornelis Matseelar

i) Thin layers of Eu-doped calcium silicate by electrophoretic deposition. (area: Biomaterials)
ii) Sintering and microstructure development of silicon nitride/silicon carbide/calcium fluoride ceramic composites for high temperature tribological applications. (area: ceramic materials)
iii) Material study of museum ceramics. (area: materials)
iv) Processing and sintering study of clay/volcanic ash mixtures. (area: materials)
v) Classification of high voltage cable joint defects using support vector machine and noise reduction on partial discharge signals

5. Prof. Dr. Kazi Md Salim Newaz

i) Heat Transfer to Nanofluids Flow in Variable Annular Passage Configurations
ii) Heat Transfer to Nanofluids Flow in Variable Single Tube Passage Configurations
iii) Heat Transfer and Drag reduction Analyses of suspension Flow in Circular Tube Flow Passage
iv) Heat Transfer to Fiber Suspension Flow and Application of Fibers in Heat Exchanger Fouling Mitigation
v) Heat Exchanger Fouling Mitigation by thermal conductive metallic and polymeric coatings

6. Dr. Suriani Ibrahim

i) Synthesis of hybrid nanomaterials (GO-Ag) using low temperature process for Electrochemical Sensor

7. Dr. Khoo Shin Yee

i) Remaining Useful Life Estimation of Aircraft Engine for Predictive Maintenance

8. Ir. Dr. Ong Zhi Chao

i) Development of automated impactor for operational modal testing of reciprocating machine
ii) Sensitivity analysis of de-noised phase velocity dispersion curve in structural damage detection scheme
iii) Development of machinery vibration assessment system for effective faults daignostic in Condition Based Maintenance
iv) Performance optimization of Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvester system via experimental and numerical assessments
v) Enhancement of energy harvesting performance by omni-directional wind funnel coupled with optimal bluff splitter body design

9. Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Poo Balan

i) Investigation of the mixing characteristics of water and air in a tube with fins: CFD study
ii) Investigation of heat transfer characteristics of a heat-exchanger: Experimental study
iii) Synthesis and characterization of zeolite material for oxygen concentration   application: Experimental study
iv) Performance investigation of flapping wing of a drone: Experimental study

10. Dr. Mohd Sayuti Ab Karim

i) Investigation and Simulation on the transmission, emersion and dispersion of dust particles from the point of generation.
ii) Investigation on the occupational injury and diseases that occur despite following OSHA Standards.
iii)Investigation on the trend of occupational injuries and diseases based on the type of industry, the economic growth and safety regulations.
iv) Classification of high voltage cable joint defects using support vector machine and noise reduction on partial discharge signals

11. Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Wong Yew Hoong

i) Thermal Analysis of Die Attach Alloy Materials on Semiconductor Substrate

12. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yap Hwa Jen

i) Image-guided Simulation for Maintenance and Repair using Augmented Reality Technology
ii) Design & Development of a Real-time Motion Capture and Simulation for Upper Body Ergonomics Assessment
iii) Design and development of a 3-DOF motion platform for Virtual Reality-based Balancing Training Simulator
iv) Design and development of an image-guided vision system for robotics palletizing

13. Dr. Tan Chin Joo

i) Study of delayed cracking behaviors of hydrogen-charged SUS304 deep drawn cylindrical cups under elevated blank holding forces
ii) Finite element simulation of deep drawing process of SUS304 cups having no delayed cracks using advanced yield criterion

Last Update: 20/01/2022